Organized Forgetting

In preparing to write an upcoming paper on radical documentation practices in digital archiving, my disorganized generative mode brought me to this great talk by Allison Parrish presented to the Open Hardware Summit 2016, entitled, “Programming is Forgetting: Toward a New Hacker Ethic.”

I leave you to read the talk yourself and take from it what you will, but I will share one of Parrish’s images, which I think is quite prescient and impactful (albeit decidedly un-science-y).


In a world where “alternate truths” can be believed, we should also remember how much history is forgotten in service to a specific narrative.


The Why.

As most professionals can understand after getting a few years under their belt, it’s hard to keep up multiple professional personas at once. While it was easy enough to have a big online presence when I was just starting out in my career as a digital preservationist, it became too onerous once there were memberships in multiple national orgs to maintain, ongoing projects to manage, and a tenure process to navigate.

That said, I’m bringing back the blog. After getting my second annual tenure information together for my work at Indiana University, I realized there was so much research, so many thoughts and presentations, and so many failures that I have yet to share broadly. So this site is in hopes to regularly sharing out work and thoughts as I go.