Heidi Elaine Kelly

dowdingh [at] gmail [dot] com      |      heidielainekelly [at] gmail [dot] com


Master of Science in Library and Information Science, Wayne State University, 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Michigan State University, 2007


Digital Preservation Librarian @ INDIANA UNIVERSITY-BLOOMINGTON LIBRARIES 2015-present

Bloomington, Indiana

Oversaw the development of digital preservation infrastructure for Indiana University Bloomington Libraries:

  • Created and chaired the Digital Preservation Policy Framework Task Force in order to develop administrative infrastructure to support long-term preservation;
  • Oversaw the development of the Digital Preservation Strategic Vision 2016-2018 report, defined priorities and set metrics for achievable success in digital preservation; and
  • Created a Strategic Vision implementation plan in order to accomplish established goals; laid out necessary actions, hardware and software, and coordinated staff and department involvement.

Acted as Product Owner for Phydo, a joint effort with WGBH to develop a digital preservation repository for large-scale audiovisual collections:

  • Met regularly with project primary investigators and WGBH product owner in order to define project goals and refine timelines; maintained project documentation;
  • Attended daily stand-ups and biweekly sprint demo and planning sessions;
  • Worked closely with the development team in order to ensure that goals were understandable and attainable; and
  • Organized and co-moderated annual partner meeting in September 2016.

Developed the Born Digital Preservation Lab (BDPL) to create a solution for born digital object preservation:

  • Trained and managed staff and defined departmental goals and priorities;
  • Assisted in creating workflows to support the analysis, ingest and preservation of born-digital content; developed wiki and related online resources for outreach and documentation; and
  • Acted as the liaison between the BDPL and various special collections and outside units; regularly met with staff in order to define project timelines and goals.

Participated in the development of campus- and institution-wide infrastructure:

  • Acted as a member of the Enterprise Scholarly Systems Architecture Work Group and the Bloomington Faculty Council Technology Committee; and
  • Represented Indiana University in national digital preservation projects such as the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) and Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust); acted as Advisory Committee member and Trustworthy Digital Repository Working Group member for APTrust; acted as Services Committee member for DPN.


The Hague, Netherlands

  • Undertook research into the development of long-term sustainability of digital scholarly editions; disseminated research findings via blog posts and traditional publishing methods.
  • Collaborated with key Huygens staff to develop an understanding of the specific needs of scholarly editors and publishers.

National Digital Stewardship Resident, Dumbarton Oaks @ LIBRARY OF CONGRESS 2013-2014

Washington, DC

  • Consulted at Dumbarton Oaks in order to recommend better digital asset management practices; developed a digital asset selection policy to advance the strategic development of digital preservation.
  • Undertook an institution-wide needs assessment using mixed methods research; met with staff from all departments in order to better understand needs and practices.
  • Synthesized research findings into a comprehensive report; presented research findings and provided a digital preservation workshop.

Reference and Digital Services Librarian @ NAZARBAYEV UNIVERSITY LIBRARY 2012 – 2013

Astana, Kazakhstan

  • Oversaw daily operations of the Digital Centre, including managing four part-time staff, providing staff training and developing and refining workflows; increased department productivity and consistently met challenging deadlines.
  • Managed digital collections; solicited a large private donation of materials which led to the development of a special collection of Eurasian materials.
  • Headed the Library User Experience Committee and the Institutional Repository Work Group; developed goals and mission statements, managed timelines, and led monthly meetings.
  • Acted as the library liaison for university faculty in the humanities and social sciences; undertook collection development, provided course instruction, and created subject-specific research guides.

Graduate Student Assistant – Reference Services @ WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY 2011-2012

Detroit, Michigan

  • Provided research and technical assistance for all patrons.

Director of Research @ LE CHATEAU ART GALLERY 2010-2011

Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

  • Developed research profiles for all new acquisitions on the gallery; maintained organizational system to ensure that research was easily accessible to all staff.

English as a Second Language Teacher@ BUPYEONG HIGH SCHOOL AND HANDDUTT ACADEMY 2008-2010

Seoul, South Korea

  • Developed curricula and led courses in English speaking and writing for classes varying in size from 1-40 with students aged 4-17.


Forthcoming Invited: Homenda, N. & Kelly, H. (2017). Curating Digital Assets From External Units for Long-Term Preservation. Journal of Digital Media Management.

Forthcoming Accepted: Kelly, H. & Menzies, L. Partnering to Preserve and Provide Access to Legacy PC Games. Poster presented to the Society of American Archivists Conference 2017. Portland, OR: July 23-27, 2017.

Forthcoming Accepted: Kelly, H. Extending Training Findings Beyond NDSR. Presented to the NDSR Forum. Washington, DC: April 22-23, 2017.

Daigle, B.; Kelly, H.; Hall, N.; Sokolova, D. Never Heard the Word Impossible: Accountability, Stewardship, and Community in Digital Preservation Practices. Presented to NDSA Digital Preservation 2016. Milwaukee, WI: November 9-10, 2016.

Donaldson, D.R.; Hill, R.; Dowding, H.; & Keitel, C. Securing Trustworthy Digital Repositories. Paper presented to iPRES 2016. Bern, Switzerland: October 3-6, 2016.

Dowding, H. & Murazsko, M. HydraDAM2: Building Out Preservation At Scale in Hydra. Poster presented to iPRES 2016. Bern, Switzerland: October 3-6, 2016.

Meister, S.; Wilson, C.; Peltzman, S.; & Dowding, H. OSS4Pres 2.0: Building Bridges and Filling Gaps. Workshop presented to iPRES 2016. Bern, Switzerland: October 3-6, 2016.

Gegenbach, M.; Peltzman, S.; Meister, S.; Graham, B.; Waugh, D.; Moran, J.; Seifert, J.; Dowding, H. & Carleton, J. (2016). OSS4EVA: Using Open-Source Tools to Fulfill Digital Preservation Requirements. Code4Lib Journal, 34.

Dowding, H. Process as Product: Modularizing Digital Preservation to Serve Diverse Needs. Poster presented to the IFLA 2016 World Library and Information Congress. Columbus, OH: August 13-19, 2016.

Dowding, H. (2016). Open Access, Digital Preservation, and the Changing Scholarly Record. In Smith, K. (Ed.), Open Access and the Future of Academic Libraries. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.


  • Co-Chair 2016, Academic Preservation Trust Trustworthy Digital Repository Working Group
  • IMLS Grant Review Panelist 2016
  • Digital Preservation 2016 Planning Committee
  • Member 2015-2016, Digital Preservation Network Services Committee Editorial Committee Member
  • 2013-2015, Code{4}Lib Journal
  • Code{4}Lib 2015 Keynote Committee


  • Indiana University Library Association Travel Grant, 2016
  • Marie Curie Research Fellowship, European Commission, 2014
  • Sallie Ellison Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Wayne State University, 2012
  • Graduate Student Assistantship, Wayne State University, 2012
  • Dean’s List, Michigan State University, 2005-2007